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How can the S.O.S. Program help you? What if you knew the answers to these questions:
 Is the rep salvageable?

 How can you tell for certain if the sales rep is worth investing in?

 How much have you already invested, and can you afford to flush that investment down the drain?

  What does ramp up time look like for a new sales rep?

  Can you afford to have the territory under-producing over the next six months?
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Case Studies: Our Success Stories


Suddenly Katie’s numbers were down – for the first time in four years. To make matters even worse, the communication problems with her manager were keeping her awake at night. As a result, Katie’s manager put her on an improvement plan. To make sure she didn’t lose a former top-producer, Katie’s manager hired GeminiPro to guarantee the success of the improvement plan.

Even with a 12-18 month sales cycle, in less than eight weeks Katie’s manager could tell she was back on track, and back on focus with her successful sales behaviors. Katie finished the year by qualifying for the luxury Awards Achievement trip. And she’s now one of the most respected and trusted members of the manager’s team.

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Grant had moved his entire family for a position that had looked like a great sales opportunity. Six months in, Grant was expecting to be praised for his accomplishment, but in his review, the VP made it clear he wasn’t seeing nearly enough wins. If he didn’t turn things around in the next three or four months, Grant would be free to move his family yet again.

Grant felt shocked, overwhelmed and anxious, and the last thing he wanted was the nightmare of moving and starting all over with a new company. Gemini Pro helped him see the same reality his VP saw – Grant was trying to be friends with the client so he didn’t seem pushy. As a result a number of accounts were stalled.

Within three weeks, Grant began getting emails from his VP with “Well done” and “Good job” on them. He finished the year as one of the top reps and won the Rookie of the Year Award, as well as the Most Improved Sales Rep award. His VP hired TGRG to work with the entire team.

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Imagine having the VP of Sales inform you that other team members felt you weren’t carrying your weight and they couldn’t count on you. Yes, John was having some family challenges, including a messy divorce and challenges with both teenage kids, but he had never seen himself as someone other team members couldn’t trust and rely on. The VP viewed John as very talented and clients loved him, but he was in a no-win situation and his career with the company was in peril.

To turn the situation around and save a valuable resource for the company, the VP asked Gemini Pro to help John salvage his working relationships. By working on his internal communication skills and showing him how to align with the corporate culture, John was back in the fold, trusted and valued, with other team members asking to work with him, all in a matter of weeks. Now he’s part of a special high visibility vertical team at the request of the team co-leads.

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A quota three times greater than the revenue you’d created the previous year? Flattering, yes, but reality-based? Randi had serious doubts. Nonetheless, that was challenge Randi faced. She’d been tapped for the new National Account Manager position by the VP of Sales. He believed she had superstar potential, but with seven direct reports, he didn’t have the luxury of baby sitting her early days in the position.

To guarantee Randi’s success in a long, complex technical sale, her VP turned to Gemini Pro. We made sure she had the hard skills and the best mental stance (soft skills) for victory in the extremely competitive and demanding big ticket software market. She proved her star potential by not only meeting her outrageous quota, but exceeding it by $400,000. She went on to be number one or two sales rep in each succeeding year.

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Note: Because of the sensitive nature of our case studies, some names and company identifying information have been changed at client request. Originals are on file for all client success stories, or that client is available for reference.