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Kick Butt Sales Training™

Kick Butt Sales Training is comprised of 9 weekly classes addressing these challenges:

1) The Power of Leaving Space

  • You don't want to seem pushy or slimy - what's the single most valuable tool you can use to guarantee you don't?
  • How do you keep your client comfortable -- and still get the business?
  • What expectations do you need to set so both you and the client are clear and comfortable?
  • The dreaded "Think it over" - what does it really mean?
  • How do you feel stronger, more confident, more in control?

2) Claiming Your Power

  • What old beliefs are sabotaging or slowing down your business?
  • You've attracted prospects - what's the next step?
  • Rejection - how can you avoid it? And how can you cope with it?
  • What three skills help you feel less vulnerable?

I started coaching with you after the devastating loss of a business partner. I felt as though I were rebuilding my business from scratch.

You've helped me re-energize and rebuild my business. I have a new focus and a new business plan. Both I and my business have dramatically more energy. I pop out of bed in the morning, excited for the new day. I've moved past the blocks and obstacles that were keeping me from moving my business forward, and onto exciting new projects. I've released low profit clients who were draining my energy.

I get strength and validation from our coaching conversations and a great place to explore my outside-of-the-box ideas. Now I have a clear niche, the infrastructure to support it, and a crystalline vision for growing my business-all in a matter of weeks.

p.s. - I also got three new contracts last week.
Laura Schneider
Internet Success Architect

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3) The Power of Being Inside Your Client's Mind

  • How to read your client's mind -What's the most powerful tool in your arsenal?
  • What do they want, need, fear?
  • Why is this tool so effective?
  • How do you use it with grace and compassion, instead of seeming pushy and manipulative?
  • How do you integrate this tool and make it your own?
  • Why is this such a powerful way to focus your client on your services before they commit and on the tasks they must complete while you work with them?
  • How do you deal with stubborn or pushy clients without blowing up the relationship?

4) The Power of Giving Up Your Begging Bowl

  • Are you feeling like you're begging for each client to commit?
  • Does everyone want to negotiate your fees down?
  • What are you getting from each conversation with a prospective client?
  • Are you getting what you want most?
  • How do you stop discounting and giving the service/product away?
  • How do you work from power instead of fear?
  • What are you doing that creates these situations and how do you stop it immediately?

5) The Power of Consistent Minimum Activity

  • What five core activities do the top 7% of most successful solopreneurs practice consistently?
  • How many are you practicing?
  • What is my goal for the week/month?
  • How many of your daily activities bring you closer to your business goal for the year/month/week?
  • Focus - do you have it? How do you make it stronger?
  • Are you having fun yet? When does the fun start?

Over the past twelve weeks I have become so much more confident with the idea of letting the world know I'm a coach. I have a whole load of excellent tools, I have taken some great action steps and people around me are commenting on how much more confident I am.

I am enjoying the networking I do and feel more comfortable with what I'm offering. I have been approached by a company to design and run some workshops for corporate companies, [their corporate clients] which is way beyond my wildest dreams. I love Pat's warm and calming voice and I really progressed under her expert care.
Jo Meneer

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7) The Power of Creating Your Own Peace

  • Peace in the middle of crisis and stress - How to find it?
  • What will your clients notice when you've found it?
  • How do your client interactions and business change when you do?
  • How can you feel stronger, more secure?
  • What change can you make that will change the way you feel - in only two minutes?

8) Knowing Who Has the Power

  • Do you always feel like the prospect has all the power?
  • What critical shift in mental stance do you need to make to change this?
  • How do you change and how quickly can you do it?
  • How do you know the change is real and effective?
  • How do you get over wishing someone else would just close the business for you?
  • How do you get over being anxious, embarrassed to ask for your money?

I was milling over the gap between what I heard, and what I believed. I agree entirely that we fear rejection, and we fear 'not being liked' although I have perceived a change in myself recently. Now, I state my fees, and if they are unable to pay it, we don't coach, no more accommodating them because I feel I need to drop my fees to secure a client.
Vivienne Boyes
Coach, U.K.

Celebration – Graduation from Level One Course

It's mid-January, 2007 and I've already recouped my investment with you for the entire coming year! Incredible!
America's Power Coach for Corporate Leaders

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Pat Schuler, Business Development Coach and Sales Trainer
The Gemini Resources Group

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