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Kick Butt Sales Training™

Special Offer

You Receive:

  • Sales skills to match or exceed your professional skills
  • Strategies and models customized just for you - you know what to do, not just theory!
  • You can Stop:
    • Stop begging for each order
    • Stop giving away your valuable services and products
    • Stop wasting precious time on those who will Never be your client
  • Freedom from fear of pricing yourself out of the market
  • Finally paid what your services are worth
  • Escape from anxiety, vulnerability and overwhelm
  • More time in your life and more life in your time
  • Handouts for each class
  • Three sixty-minute classes each month (total 9 classes)
  • Classes limited to 10 students -- you get the individual attention you need so you can take action immediately. No competitors.

Your investment: $189 per month (see Order Form for Terms)


Our Gift - Automatic Enrollment in two of our most popular Workshops:

Bonus 1: Clear the Decks™ Half-Day TeleWorkshop

Have you ever noticed that cleaning or painting, or any ugly job goes faster and is more fun when you have company? That's what Clear the Decks is all about.

  • Any project that has been hanging over your head and making you crazy, from clearing your email inbox to cleaning up a closet, garage or basement, writing an article or an entire e-book.
  • Overcome procrastination, blocks, resistance
  • You have convenience (and anonymity) of a group teleconference call - no one sees your mess

How it works:

  • We meet the first Saturday of each month at 9:00 AM Central
  • Each person comes with a goal for the call
  • We work for 55 minutes and meet back on the call for five minutes each hour to report progress, accomplishments and challenges
  • We work until 1:00 Central (or as long as you can stay)
  • We laugh a lot, accomplish more than you can imagine, regain huge amounts of energy lost and locked away in stalled projects
  • Please note: This workshop is valued at $279.
    The only way to attend is to be a client.

The odds are very good that you've never done anything like this before - a real, live workshop via teleconference, not just a bunch of talking heads. The whole group cheers your victories and helps you work through any tough spots. It's a real hoot!

I just finished Pat's "Clear the Decks Program" and I am stunned by all I've accomplished in a single morning. After feeling stuck with "writer's block" the past few weeks, I was able to focus entirely on writing a rough draft for each of my web pages (to fill in most all the content to my recently designed new site). Now all I have to do is edit, polish, and add links to my resources. If you had told me that I could get this done in one morning, actually have fun, and feel refreshed and energized at the end - I would probably have laughed. But that's exactly what I did....it was a magical experience that zoomed me immediately into the creative part of myself to manifest productive results!

In fact, next time I'm inviting my husband and a friend. I'm so enthused and inspired, I'm trying to persuade Pat to offer this special program more than once each month.

With much appreciation,

- Mixie
Mixie Kingman Eddy, MA, CPBS
Career Transition, Life Purpose and Personal Branding Coach

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Bonus 2: Goals Without the Guilt™ TeleSeminar

  • My Promise: This is not another boring Goal Setting or New Year's Resolution exercise that you will either forget completely in 2 weeks (national average for resolutions) or feel guilty every time you think about them.
  • Traditional Goal Setting: We've all heard about traditional goal setting with SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Time Specific. This is NOT SMART goal setting.
  • This program works at a higher level, an emotional level.
  • Use NLP mind technologies to anchor your Top Five Priorities for 2007. Anchoring the Priorities this way allows you to include vision and purpose priorities that don't conform to the SMART model.
  • You get to choose any area of your life you want to see grow, not just your business. One client included a goal for her Arabian horse farm, which is a hobby for her. Another selected a priority around her missionary work. You get to choose.
  • I'll offer this one-hour teleseminar once each quarter (value $79)
  • The only way to attend is to be a coaching client or the guest of a client.

Pat, I loved the Champagne Bistro [Goals Without the Guilt] work we did. Afterwards, I was so charged and full of energy that I actually created a dream board with materials I had been saving (but not doing anything with) for.....years! The next morning I woke up so jazzed that I planned the book I am going to write this year, and decided to move, and promptly (that day) found a spot surrounded by national forest, high in the New Mexican Mountains. That is a LOT of action for one day. And it was all so much fun!

Thank you - I can't wait to see how this year turns out.
Wendy Yellen, Santa Fe, NM

Goal-setting exercises often focus entirely on the externals ... to the point that we rarely consider the emotional, intangible, spiritual side of our lives. Yes, we need to know "what" we want and "how" we're going to get it, but we also need to connect with the deeper "why." Only there can we tap into the energy and commitment needed to pursue big dreams and extreme goals. Pat's model provides a much-needed balance in seeing and setting priority, purpose-driven goals for our lives!
Susan Britton Whitcomb
President of CareerCoachAcademy.com
Author of Job Search Magic and other Magic Series books

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