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How can the S.O.S. Program help you? What if you knew the answers to these questions:
  Is the rep salvageable?

 How can you tell for certain if the sales rep is worth investing in?

  How much have you already invested, and can you afford to flush that investment down the drain?

  What does ramp up time look like for a new sales rep?

  Can you afford to have the territory under-producing over the next six months?
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Sales Solutions

Our clients grow their business, large or small, typically by a minimum of 30-50% over the previous year. They accomplish this without working 80 hour weeks and sacrificing their personal lives.

We take the mystery out of successfully growing your revenue. We hold your hand every step of the way. We eliminate that "Pep Rally Effect"-You know the feeling. You come away from a speaker or workshop and you're all fired up. Two days later you can barely remember the name or the topic, much less the timeless advice. We give you a road map to deal with specific challenges, like having too many prospects say, "We don't have any budget..."

Our clients include:

Professional Sales people in complex, long term, big ticket sales
Technical Experts in the Complex, long term technical sale
Technical companies with complex, long term big ticket sales
Small Business Owners & Solo-preneurs
Corporate Clients
Professionals in practice -- Attorneys, Accountants, Chiropractors, Consultants

People who seek us out may be

Professional sales people in complex sales

Technical experts supporting the complex sales, who want the best decision for the client, and want their company to win

Those with little or no selling or business development experience, who recognize they need selling skills to move their business or career forward

People who have extensive sales experience or training, but are missing their goals

Sales and business people who have lost the fun or zest, are maybe a little burned out, and know that it's affecting their income and enjoyment of life

Sales people in trouble, who may be about to go on probation

Experts in their chosen field or career, who are anxious or uncomfortable when it comes to asking people for a commitment or money

People starting a second career where they need sales or business development skills for the first time

Want to find out if we could help you? Contact us for your free initial consultation. You'll receive techniques and strategies you could put into action immediately.

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