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Avoid the Instant Expert
by Pat Schuler

Have you noticed in your job search that you’re encountering what I call the “instant expert”? Professional salespeople often find themselves receiving advice on negotiation and closing from people who never even sold band candy in high school. These are the people who know everything and share it with generosity. How do you separate this kind of thing from legitimate and valuable advice? Ask yourself:

Is their previous experience extensive and relevant?
Do they have your best interests at heart?
Do they always need to find something wrong?
Do they always have a cheaper way?
Do they “know someone” who did better than you?

If you network to someone with extensive experience in an area you need, by all means take advantage of their experience as a former recruiter or hiring manager, etc. But if the expertise was one job search 15 years ago, thank them kindly for the suggestions.

Then invest your time and money with those who will help you reach your goals faster.

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