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Failure – One of the Great Strengths

by Pat Schuler

Have you ever considered that failure could be one of our greatest strengths?

Think about it. Do you learn more from your success or from your failures? Which do you remember more clearly? You may remember the Thomas Edison story about the reporter who asked Edison how could he deal with failing almost a thousand times to find a filament for the light bulb. Edison replied that he hadn’t failed a thousand times. He had succeeded a thousand times in finding an element that didn’t work.

This story says to me that failure, like so many things, is in the eye of the beholder.

What if the failure consists, not in making a mistake, but in not learning from the mistake?

How would our lives be different if we gave ourselves permission to make mistakes, even to look foolish in doing so?

How would your business or career be different if you gave yourself permission to make mistakes, as long as you learned from them and continued to move forward?

Pivot Question:

What if, this week you have permission to treat mistakes as data?

Take the judgement and harsh criticism away, and mistakes become events, just data points on the graph. We look at them and say, what if we moved that data point a centimeter to the right? What would happen them?

If you’re like most of those we work with, you’ll find that by treating mistakes as data, you will take a big step toward being liberated from the tyranny of Fear of Failure. You’ll escape analysis paralysis, and find it dramatically easier to move forward and take the calculated risks that feed the dramatic growth of business.

This week, give yourself the gift of liberation, liberation from the tyranny of fear of failure.

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