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Are You Burned Out?
by Pat Schuler

Have you lost your focus? Are you having difficulty remembering if you ever had one? Do you wake up tired? Is your energy low, as well as your enthusiasm? Have you lost your zest, your joy in what you do? These are all classic signs of burn out. Why should we be concerned about burn out? Because, when it strikes, we are much less effective, so much so that it often becomes apparent to team members and managers.

What causes burn out?
Long hours, stress
Coping with factors beyond our control
Never really being away from work
Lack of appreciation in our personal or professional life
Perceived competition
Failure to celebrate the big victories in a tangible way
Seeing only The Gap.

How can we begin to address burn out? Determine what’s important. Most jobs follow the 80/20 rule: 20% of the activities generate 80% of the results. If you don’t think that applies to your job, get an objective opinion (not that of your workaholic manager). Ask a friend who’s worked in several industries, and who actually has a personal life. If you think your job doesn’t follow the 80/20 rule, or if your friend agrees that it doesn’t, find a career coach or a coach who specializes in your profession to check out your findings. Streamline your activities and focus on the crucial elements. Commit to a 50 hour week, and find a way to stick with it, or at least get close. Turn off cell phones, pagers, and email after dinner. Trust me, the world won’t come to an end.

Start seeing what you’ve accomplished, instead of seeing the gap. Seeing only The Gap (the difference between your goal and your accomplishment) is one of the key predictors of burn out. Seek out activities that revitalize you. Get moving physically. Get involved in something larger, something that gives back or makes a difference in the life of at least one other person.

Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

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