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Are You a Bargain?
by Pat Schuler

When we go shopping, most of us like to find a bargain. Some of us have been known to exceed our budget if we find an irresistible deal.

When you are interviewing, are you an irresistible deal? Are your accomplishments so compelling that the interviewer is looking forward to finding out more about how you did it? Can your potential employer envision a very quick return on investment in bringing you on board? When you interview, are you creating a clear picture of the advantages in increased production or revenue that you would contribute to the new organization, based on past experience? As an executive, are you demonstrating how you can lower costs and still exceed your goals?

Are you currently positioning yourself as a dramatic bargain (not cheap, but very reasonable for what you bring to the table). If not, then seeking the guidance of a proven, results-based career coach could be an excellent investment in shortening your job search and increasing the substance of your job offers.

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