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How can the S.O.S. Program help you? What if you knew the answers to these questions:
  Is the rep salvageable?

 How can you tell for certain if the sales rep is worth investing in?

  How much have you already invested, and can you afford to flush that investment down the drain?

  What does ramp up time look like for a new sales rep?

  Can you afford to have the territory under-producing over the next six months?
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Pat Schuler, President

Who Are We?

A Message from Our Founder....

I was born in a humble log cabin, stolen by gypsies at an early age, and raised by wolves, all of which served as excellent preparation for a 25-year career in Corporate America.

I've worked for technology companies large and small and won awards. I’ve sold successfully to Fortune 500 companies in the long term complex technical sale.

My mission is to help sales executives, managers and business owners salvage their investments by turning around reps in trouble. When you’re a sales rep in the fire, we know that a traditional two or three-day sales training seminar without ongoing support is a horribly anti-climactic waste of time.

We’ve proven the right combination of sales skills, inner strengths and overall strategy can make a difference in an astonishingly short time. Helping these sales reps turn around and begin to flourish is the zest and joy of what we do.

Join us in making that kind of difference for your rep in trouble.

Pat Schuler

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7121 177th St. W.
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