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Are your Sales, Technical and Business professionals increasing their revenue a minimum of 30 percent? If not...let us show you how our clients:

Tech-Power Advantage™

Turn Your Technical Experts into Your Secret Weapon for Closing Technical Sales

Technical Experts make or break most complex, long cycle technical sales.

Like many organizations selling software or technology, you’ve faced some interesting challenges over the past two years. You’ve seen your sales cycle extended, your margins eroded, while pressures to perform have continued to increase dramatically.

To make this year as profitable as you want and need, your pre-sales engineers (technical experts), must work at maximum effectiveness with the rest of the team, to outwit your competition.

How do you maximize the effectiveness of your technical experts, without the expense and ramp up time of new hires, even if you could find qualified candidates?

Are you currently seeing:

Delayed or postponed sales
Price resistance, margins eroded
A few Technical Experts are tapped for most presentations
Top development and research staff pulled into sales presentations
Adversarial relations between sales and the Technical Experts

What if you could:

Double your technical feet on the street without adding head count?
Offer a strong model that’s natural for the SE’s, not try to slide them into a sales role
Maximize the effectiveness of each SE, so the Sales Reps wanted to use ALL of them
Train ALL the SE’s to be superb at moving the sale to Technical Acceptance, and shorten the time to Tech Accept by 20% to 50%
Empower the SE’s to work from integrity and their core values
Finally create mutual trust and respect between Sales Reps and SE’s

The Tech Power Advantage program designed to take average to good performing Technical Experts and turn them into exceptional producers. The impact to your bottom line is hundreds of thousands of dollars in quicker sales, improved margins, and recaptured sales that were lost or deferred. The program guides technical experts to pull together skills, discipline, values and mind set. They feel respected by the rest of the sales team and the company profits.

Unsure if this program is for you? Here is what one of our clients had to say:

We had ROI from the Tech-Power Advantage program within the first 60 days. There is no question that we get technical acceptance 20-50% faster than before we started the program. The Sales Reps and Technical Experts work more smoothly and effectively together, and respect each others’ contributions.

What amazes me is that we are accomplishing all this and don’t feel like slimy sales people. We are very comfortable and know we are working from a place of integrity, for the client’s benefit – and our company is profiting from it.

A NAM and EPS did a client presentation together after the EPS had worked with Pat in the Tech-Power Advantage program. The NAM asked me, “What did you do to this guy? He’s a completely different person in from of the customer! He was amazing. The client was very impressed and we’re preparing a quote for them.”

After the Tech Power Advantage Program, we now
Exceeded our goals by the end of the year for Technical Acceptances
Had dramatically increased confidence
Had a strong model and specific steps to follow

This program is a perfect example of how to take average to good performance and make it exceptional.

Jeff Schultz
Senior Enterprise Performance Specialist [Team Leader]
TeamQuest Corp.