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How can the S.O.S. Program help you? What if you knew the answers to these questions:
 Is the rep salvageable?

 How can you tell for certain if the sales rep is worth investing in?

 How much have you already invested, and can you afford to flush that investment down the drain?

  What does ramp up time look like for a new sales rep?

  Can you afford to have the territory under-producing over the next six months?
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Case Studies: Our Success Stories

Case Study - Katie

Suddenly Katieís numbers were down for the first time in four years. Not just a little, she found herself in the bottom half of the running for her division. Being put on an improvement plan by her manager was hard to swallow for someone who was accustomed to leading the pack. Katie felt overwhelmed, confused and maybe even a little betrayed. She felt she no longer had a bead on what her manager was expecting. Late product releases and quality problems didnít help the situation. Add in a 12-18 month sales cycle and Katie found herself wondering if it might just be easier to change companies or careers.

Katieís manager, Brenda, needed every single rep producing in what was proving to be a very demanding year. She had questions about several team members, but she believed in her gut that Katie was salvageable. She thought that Katie may have lost her focus, and with it, some of her core success behaviors. To make matters worse, Brenda knew she didnít have the luxury to give Katie the one-on-one attention she needed to pull out of the nosedive.

Brenda was referred to Gemini Pro in hopes that one of her best people could salvage her professional sales career.

Our initial consultation with Katie confirmed that she was overwhelmed and close to burnout. She had been working long hours in an effort to make the situation work, but she had lost sight of the big rocks and what needed to come first. As we often see in such cases, the communication problems with her manager were keeping her awake at night. We determined that Katie was earnest and coachable, and willing to do the hard work to repair the situation.

Katie received the individual attention she needed to help her:

  • refresh her hard sales skills
  • sharpen her focus on first-things-first
  • address the semi-burnout symptoms
  • craft strategies to move large accounts forward in a timely manner
  • back-burner accounts that were not 90 day business or were just kicking tires
  • create dramatically stronger understanding of her managerís needs and communication style so they were seeing the same things in the same way

In less than eight weeks, Brenda could tell Katie was back on track. She was seeing more of the critical sales behaviors that had made Katie so successful in the past. Katie was less anxious, sleeping better and dramatically more at ease and successful in her client interactions, both phone and face-to-face.

Katie not only made quota, but achieved Award status for the company-paid luxury trip. She is now one of the most trusted and respected members of Brendaís team.

Note: Because of the sensitive nature of our case studies, some names and company identifying information have been changed at client request. Originals are on file for all client success stories, or that client is available for reference.

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