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How can the S.O.S. Program help you? What if you knew the answers to these questions:
 Is the rep salvageable?

 How can you tell for certain if the sales rep is worth investing in?

 How much have you already invested, and can you afford to flush that investment down the drain?

  What does ramp up time look like for a new sales rep?

  Can you afford to have the territory under-producing over the next six months?
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Case Studies: Our Success Stories

Case Study – Grant

Grant found what seemed like the perfect job for him, relationship sales with lots of room to grow. He made the commitment to move his wife and school-age children to a new area. Six months into his new position, Greg had his mid-year review, standard policy in the new company. He was looking forward to solid feedback and praise for what he’d accomplished in the territory. Instead he heard quite a different story from his VP of Sales.

What Grant heard was closer to:

  • Insufficient core sales activities
  • Inadequate movement forward in major accounts
  • Failure to hold the line in negotiations resulting in erosion of margin
  • Unsatisfactory communications of both account detail and strategy to the VP of Sales
  • Reports after client visits needed more than “Great lunch.! Client really likes us.”

The clear message from Grant’s VP of Sales was – 90 days to turn the show around or Grant would be facing the nightmare of starting all over again, and potentially moving his family to a brand new area after less than a year. Shock, overwhelm and anxiety rocked Grant and made him wonder how he could have been so far off base.

Grant contacted Gemini Pro and asked if we thought there was any hope for him. Our initial consultation showed that Grant was a ten-year veteran in relationship sales. His new company was well beyond the “take a different client to lunch each day” model that had worked for him in his previous position. We saw that Grant had solid basic skills to build on and a fierce desire to do whatever was necessary to make the turnaround his management needed to see.

With Grant’s permission, we interviewed his VP of Sales to get his view on what was missing, and to determine if Grant was already gone and just didn’t know it yet. Trevor, the VP of Sales was clear that:

  • It had taken him 6 grueling months to find Grant
  • He really didn’t want to cover that territory himself for the 6-12 months it would take to find another suitable candidate and bring him up to speed in the territory
  • Grant might not be his ideal, but he really wanted to salvage him
  • If Grant wanted to invest in the Gemini Pro turnaround program, Trevor would agree to monthly meetings with us to give us feedback on Grant’s progress

Within three weeks, Grant received his first email from the VP of Sales with a “Well done!” on it. In the weeks that followed, Grant began receiving dramatically more consistent positive feedback. Grant learned to submit reports and emails in the language that conveyed his accomplishment to the VP. He developed strong strategies that moved his key accounts forward with each visit. He also learned how to hold the line in negotiations and still retain the respect of his client.

Grant finished the year as one of the top reps. He received the Rookie of the Year Award, as well as the award for Most Improved Sales Rep of the year. Oh, and by the way, the VP asked us to work with the rest of the team.

Note: Because of the sensitive nature of our case studies, some names and company identifying information have been changed at client request. Originals are on file for all client success stories, or that client is available for reference.

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